Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The mind (of a japanese researcher) is a terrible thing to waste

Well about to embark on my own quest for truth and knowledge it is my constant endevour to absorb what is hapening around the world.And as for other mortals the newspaper serves the same purpose for budding mad scientists as well.Without further chit chat I shal, as usual, focus your attention to something which caught my eye and my senses.I am sure most are aware of the noble prize.And a lot of you may also be familiar with the ignoble award which(as is very clear) is given for research in the subjects most would question as pointless,absurd or plain stupid.Well this year one of the winners was a team from Japan which conducted their studies on the jumpin habits of the flees on cats to those on dogs.Though their results were highly conclusive the point was that clearly there was no point(of the research i mean).But living in a free world every scientist has a freedom to be do pointless research.So merely dismissing it as a one off incident I refrained from blogging about it(also i wasnt jobless that time-semester end exams,college application,etc come to think of it why din't I apply to japanese universities..damn)(where was I ?? of ya..bracket out)(are u ppl confused because of all the brackets? ok chuck from the next line)

So last week when I was watchin cartoons on CN I realised that most of the cartoons i liked were off the air and replaced by japanese animation (Japanimation as Bart Simpson calls it and so do i cause they lack the good old cartoon flavour)(ok no more braketed text).This again led to a familiar feelin that I had encountered when i had read the ignoble article..u know when u feel like askin WHY.. To add to that I also read an article about how ppl who miss breakfast lose their virginity early..(which is absolute i go again) and ofcourse it was none other than some scientist whose name I dnt realy recall but was definately a japanese cause it sounded like a samurai(U know Hero Nakamuro type).
Then it dawned apon me
(Well it is the land of the rising sun :) )

The best chance that I had to do any research was probably in Japan..I could see the answers to my questions staring at me with a Hanzo sword.Also at the same time I realised that any wacky research should be claimed before some other Jap gets his mind to it.So as usual I started narating my list to my able(read equaly bored) research sidekick(he wud have sidekicked me had he not been on a flight to france right now).Though supportive as usual he backed out of this one..and he had some reaons too :

me: dude how come we dint apply to japan
as in not kidin
we are ideal ppl
to do such research
vignesh: i'm not learning cantonese just for the sake of useless research.
i'll become a trendsetter in india. :P
me: yeah i already have a topic in my mind
vignesh: which is..
me: parker fountain pens squirt ink faster if its Quink
than if is camlin
vignesh: ooooooh!
me: or things like nights become darker when u are alone in the forest than with friends
vignesh: awesome!
you deserve a phd already
me: yeah i bad itl be in cantonese
u know we can say cantonese turned at a 73 degree angle becomes tamil
and u can confirm it
so u an be in my paper too
vignesh: how prestigeous! thank you great mr. masaldan!
me: Dr
vignesh: yeah whatever

Some ideas of mine would have been made clear by the above brief converation..for now I am open to suggestions for topics... Sionara


sankalp said...

i hav some great topics:
a) wot do people usually think whn they r crapping
b) how do u judge whos better lookin..sampath or sankar

mad scientist said...

boy talk about ignoble..

puneeth said...

japan eh?? yeah useless research work only.. remember the elephant memory thing? lol well y dont u work on " japanese way of greeting helps produce enery":P as in they bow na tie some shafts and all and let their movements be used to move turbine blades...zz... somethin lik dat!!!!

shreshtha said...

motalle..get a new year kick start..a bit of a let down..this one..
a single chain of thoughts sure..but random incidents sewn together..
wise cracks well timed..
not bad though not as good either..i'm sorry to say..
anyway mote..japan?
u know food sucks there..
and japs are kinda yellow and squint eyed..guess u cud work on that too!

ps. btw..u just threw in that hanzo sword line dint u?bloody show off!

vigneshjvn said...

Dude this is the heights of joblessness! I agree your visa is taking time, but you do not devote yourself to a life of Japanese research! No no no!

I agree with Sankalp's suggestions: adding a "desi touch" to good 'ol Japanese research! :D

Avi said...

Found this post late.. How come u dont put updates to this blog up on FB.? Anyways , did u know that ppl in japan speak.. well.. japanese!! Cantonese is a dialect of chinese..
(Yea.. i do get my kicks out of nitpicking on small faults. :))